The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.20 and newer, which added a new "Dry Run" option to the Release MethodsIf you are using an earlier version, please refer to the documentation for earlier versions. 

The major and minor versions of License Statistics and License Statistics Agent are compared upon startup for compatibility.

  • The major versions must match in order for the agent to run
  • The License Statistics Agent version may be up to five minor versions older than your License Statistics version, but cannot be newer
  • Micro versions are ignored

For example, say your License Statistics version is "6.15.2":

  • The major version number "6" must match between License Statistics and License Statistics Agent
  • The minor version number "15" may be as old as version 6.10 for License Statistics Agent, but cannot be older, and cannot be newer than 6.15 (agent version 6.16 or newer is incompatible)
  • The micro version number "2" is ignored

Differences in versions between License Statistics Agent and License Statistics are handled as described in the table below. You can see the status and version information in the Agents page

Versions are equal

Agent version is up to 5 minor versions older

Agent version is newer

Agent version is greater than 5 minor versions older

Requests are supported

Requests are supportedRequests are rejectedRequests are rejected

Status is "Online"

Status is "Online"

Status is "Update Required"

(You must update License Statistics to continue using the agent)

Status is "Update Required"

(You must update License Statistics Agent to continue using the agent)

Version is colored green

Version is colored orangeVersion is colored red

Version is colored red

A popup notification with number of outdated agents displays for License Statistics administrators

Feature support per version

The following table shows the features supported by the different versions of the License Statistics Agent.

VersionEnd User ModeServer Mode
MonitoringLicense HarvestingLicense Server Management
AutodeskCustom ApplicationGracefulForceSuspendDry Run