The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.9 or newer, which introduced Agent groups for Autodesk license server.

Monitoring Autodesk license usage requires using two independent methods to gather data from the Autodesk cloud platform and the host running the Autodesk licenses, as detailed below.

Data collection methodHow it worksRequired configuration
HTTP monitoringLicense Statistics performs HTTP monitoring of the Autodesk cloud platform ( to gather information about your licensed products, number of licenses, and users assigned to the licenses. When configuring an Autodesk license server, you must provide a valid administrator username and password for the Autodesk cloud platform.
License Statistics Agent tool

The Autodesk cloud platform does not deliver data about usage. In order to gather usage statistics, License Statistics uses the License Statistics Agent add-on tool. 

This tool monitors the Autodesk applications that are running on the end-user host machines and sends the usage data (hostname, username and application name, along with the date the session was started/stopped) to License Statistics. 

To use License Statistics Agent, you must install and configure it on the end-user host.

In order to determine which Agent should be used to monitor an Autodesk application, you will need to:

All agents that belong to the group(s) will start automatically monitoring Autodesk applications on their hosts.

License Statistics combines the data from HTTP monitoring and License Statistics Agent, and processes the data for displaying in the standard grids and reports in the License Statistics UI.

Monitoring Autodesk applications prior to 2020

There are some limitations and requirements for monitoring Autodesk applications older than 2020, as described below.

Limitations on trackable actions

For older Autodesk applications (prior to 2020), trackable actions include only application startup and saving drawing changes. Other actions, such as making drawing changes without saving, do not create the usage files needed to monitor the application.

If there are no trackable actions for over 30 minutes, the application will stop being reported as used. If you experience issues monitoring Autodesk applications older than 2020, we recommend updating the application to a newer version (2020 and above), where these limitations do not apply.

Providing permission to collect usage data

License Statistics Agent can track the usage of Autodesk applications older than 2020 only when you give explicit permission to collect data in desktop products for Autodesk analytics programs.

To grant the required permissions, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Desktop Analytics page.

  2. Under "Data collection and use," check "I agree to data collection in desktop products for Autodesk analytics programs.

  3. Click OK, and restart the application.

Monitoring Autodesk applications 2020 and newer

The limitations noted above for monitoring Autodesk applications older than 2020 do not apply to monitoring Autodesk applications 2020 and newer. License Statistics Agent uses a dedicated service to track sessions accurately for Autodesk applications 2020 and newer, so usage tracking does not depend on the Autodesk analytics data collection agreement or actions that users make in the application.

If you experience issues tracking Autodesk application usage, see troubleshooting steps for Autodesk monitoring