The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.9 and newer, which introduced License Harvesting.

Contact us to enable License Harvesting for your License Statistics license. If you're an existing customer you'll get a 2-month free trial period to check it out!

License Harvesting is a separately purchased License Statistics add-on, currently available only with the Licensing Model 2019 and only for Windows installations of License Statistics.

When users neglect to log out of applications they’re not actively using, other users cannot access the blocked licenses. License Harvesting monitors your users and applications for idle licenses and automatically releases those licenses to be available for others, cutting down on underutilized licenses and associated costs.

License Harvesting uses License Statistics Agent, installed on the end-user host, to monitor whether a configured application is actively used. When an idle state is detected, License Harvesting releases the license automatically using one or more methods, such as asking the user to close the application or closing it automatically, depending on configuration. 

Normally, License Harvesting is used to monitor applications that are licensed using network, token or pay-per-use licensing models, but can be used for any application that you want to prevent from running outside of predefined hours or being idle for a predetermined length of time on the host machine.

You must set up License Harvesting for the applications you want to monitor. After configuring applications to use License Harvesting, the Agents periodically connect to the License Statistics server to obtain the most current configuration information. It may take up to 1 minute to update the configuration on the Agents. If connection to the server is lost, the Agents will continue to operate with the last received configuration until the connection is reestablished.

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