Licensing Model 2019 was introduced with License Statistics v6.0.

License Statistics needs to have a valid license loaded in order to work. The types of licenses are described in the tables below.

License type by purpose 

License TypeLimitsLicense ExpirationMaintenance ExpirationDescription
TrialUnlimited30 DaysNo Maintenance

Delivered with License Statistics installer only. Can be used for evaluation and testing purposes only. This is the default license type that is loaded if no other valid license was delivered.

The License Harvesting add-on tool is included in the Trial version. This tool must be purchased separately for regular licenses.

It is not possible to run a Trial license:

  • With a database that already contains data older than the trial start date
  • On a host where a commercial license was previously installed

Trial licenses have some data collection limitations, as described in the Trial section of the FAQ.

PerpetualLimited users and license serversPermanent1 yearCommercial license delivered to customers. This license type has no License Statistics application expiration date; however, it has time-limited maintenance.
UniversityUnlimited1 year1 yearCommercial subscription license for academic use only.
TestDepends on Sales or Support decision14 DaysDepends on Sales or Support decisionTechnical license delivered by X-Formation Sales or Support team in order to solve a customer's problem.
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