The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.19 and newer, which added a new "Suspend" method using Optional Harvesting Tools. If you are using a version previous to v6.19, see documentation for previous versions.

This section describes the installation and configuration of the License Statistics Agent add-on tool. Also see Reviewing License Statistics Agents for information on viewing a report of all agents in use.

During communication between License Statistics Server Agents and License Statistics, some sensitive data (for example, the administrative password for the LM-X license server that is used by the query tool installed on the server (agent) host) can be sent through the HTTP protocol. It is therefore recommended to use secured SSL (HTTPS) when using  Server Agents. 

System requirements

Installation of License Statistics Agent has the following requirements:

Supported platforms

Windows 64-bit
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 LTSB
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Hardware requirements


2 core


1 GB

Hard Drive

1 GB

Installation procedure

To install License Statistics Agent:

  1. Download the License Statistics Agent installation from the License Statistics download page, or open the .msi installation file from the License Statistics installation "tools" directory (by default: C:\Program Files\X-Formation\License Statistics\tools). 
  2. An installation wizard will step you through the installation procedure.

Installing from a command line

Alternatively, you can install/update License Statistics Agent from a command line (or remotely) using the msiexec tool. You must have administrative privileges to use this tool.

The msiexec tool uses the following syntax:

msiexec /i {msi_installer} INSTALLDIR="{path}" LICSTATURL="{url}" LICSTATTOKEN="{token}" AGENTMODE="{mode}" /qn


ParameterRequiredDefinitionDefault Value
INSTALLDIRNoFull path to License Statistics Agent installation directoryC:\Program Files\X-Formation\License Statistics Agent
LICSTATURLYesThe endpoint to the License Statistics license server that License Statistics Agent will communicate with.N/A
LICSTATTOKENYesThe Agent API authorization token, which License Statistics administrators can generate as described in API accessN/A
AGENTMODENoThe scope in which the Agent will operate; either "enduser" or "server"enduser
NoIndicator of whether to install the Optional Harvesting Tools (PSSuspend.exe), which enables use of License Harvesting Suspend mode; either 1 or 01


An example of command line installation is shown below.

msiexec /i license_statistics_agent_v6.17.0_win64_x64.msi LICSTATURL="" LICSTATTOKEN="a479b76168de65fe42af853f651b637d" AGENTMODE="enduser" PSSUSPENDINSTALL=1 /qn

Configuration settings

You provide configuration information for License Statistics Agent using the Agent Configuration tool, which is installed along with the Agent. You must have administrative privileges to use this tool.

To access the configuration tool:

  1. Select License Statistics Agent Manager from the main menu, or use the Agent settings icon from the tray:
  2. Select Settings from the Agent Manager options.

  3. The configuration tool opens.

Configuration settings are described in the table below.

Configuration settingRequiredDescription
License Statistics URLYes

The License Statistics URL is an endpoint to the License Statistics license server that License Statistics Agent will communicate with.

The Agent will connect to the server and receive all necessary configuration information silently.

Agent API TokenYes

The Agent API Token is an authorization token, which License Statistics administrators can generate as described in API access.

FlagsNoFlags define custom options for Agent execution and should not be used unless instructed to do so by X-Formation Support.
Agent ModeYes

The Agent Mode can be changed at any time, but the Agent can operate in only one mode at a time.

Optional Harvesting ToolsNoInstalls or reinstalls Optional Harvesting Tools, which is required for using the Suspend harvesting release method. Applies to End User Agent Mode only.

After changing the Agent configuration, the Agent must be restarted to begin using the modified configuration.

General installation notes

Note the following:

  • By default, all of the application files will be located in the "C:\Program Files" directory. You may choose a different folder during the installation if desired.
  • All associated data (including logs, configuration file, etc.) is stored under the "C:\ProgramData\X-Formation\License Statistics Agent" directory.
  • As part of the installation, a configuration tool (License Statistics Agent Manager) is also installed. You must use this tool to enter information that identifies and allows access to the License Statistics instance that License Statistics Agent will be used for, as described in the next section.
  • After installation, you can optionally start License Statistics Agent before exiting the installation wizard.
  • After installation, an Agent icon is visible in the tray when: 

    • License Statistics Agent Manager is open.
    • License Harvesting is enabled (the tray icon is present so License Harvesting can gather information about applications opened by users and interact with users; for example, displaying a popup to close the application). 
  • The Agent tray icon is not visible during regular operations, such as Autodesk application monitoring.
  • License Statistics Agent can be run only as a service.

When installing License Statistics Agent on dynamically created virtual machines, either do not connect to License Statistics or be sure to delete the C:\ProgramData\X-Formation\License Statistics Agent\AgentId.txt file before creating an image of the virtual machine. Otherwise, the machines may all use the same Agent ID and License Statistics will treat all Agents on the machines as a single instance, because the ID was assigned during the first connection to License Statistics, before creating the image.

Starting and stopping the service

You can also use the Agent Manager to:

  • Start/stop the service
  • Restart the service

    If you make changes to the configuration when the service is running, you will see a message that asks whether you want to restart License Statistics. You must restart License Statistics for any changes to the configuration to take effect.

  • View Agent service status (in the illustration below, the service is shown as "stopped")

Uninstalling License Statistics Agent

License Statistics Agent can be uninstalled using the standard Windows uninstallation procedure. Uninstalling License Statistics Agent stops the service and removes it from the system. Optionally, you can specify during uninstallation to remove the user data, including logs, configuration file, etc.

If you choose to retain the user data, it will be reused if License Statistics Agent is reinstalled (for example, the configuration data will be automatically filled in on the configuration form during installation).