License Statistics version 6.14 includes the new features, enhancements and fixes detailed below. Most of these improvements were made in response to customer feedback. For more information on how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development

For information about activating your License Statistics license, see Activating a License Statistics license on Windows or Activating a License Statistics license online.

In addition to learning about the changes in this release, we highly recommend reviewing the License Statistics v6.0 Release Notes, License Statistics v5.15 Release Notes and License Statistics v5.14 Release Notes if you are upgrading from an older version.

New features

License Statistics v6.14 includes the following new features.

Note that some new features are available only when using the new licensing model (2019).

Issue #DescriptionNew licensing model (2019) only
LICSTAT-19618Added ability to generate SSL keystore using License Statistics Manager.

Added ability to list all users and hosts on License Details chart for new licensing model (2019).

Required data is collected from the time of the License Statistics upgrade to v6.14. Historical data prior to v6.14 is not available. 

LICSTAT-19390Added configurable LDAP schema mapping.

Reorganized statistical reports to increase ease of use and reduce redundancy.

In order to provide a means for existing users to more easily navigate the new structure, a legacy navigation menu will be temporarily provided at the bottom of the navigation pane.


License Statistics v6.14 includes the following enhancements.

Issue #Description
User interface
LICSTAT-19836Used API v3 only.
LICSTAT-19777Renamed the Clear button to Delete.
LICSTAT-19764Added information about connection credentials on Remote Monitoring tab for Autodesk.
LICSTAT-19732Added ability to collapse panels.
LICSTAT-19549Moved License Server status to tooltip on Applications grid.
LICSTAT-19420Added filter for License Manager Type selection.

Added ability to delete events from Event Log through a specified date.

LICSTAT-19680Enabled chart buttons to display on Dashboard when no data is available.

Added ability to show only borrowed licenses on the following reports:

LICSTAT-19587Denoted features that do not support borrowing with N/A on gauge in General Information panel of reports.

Improved Features - History - Utilization report with the following:

  • extended chart with automated zooming
  • renamed columns
  • added Total Hours column

Added filters on Features - Realtime - Sessions for columns:

  • Time Used
  • Host Qty (Host Quantity)
LICSTAT-19321Highest License Usage chart extended and moved to Features - Realtime - Sessions.

Introduced API v3.

Currently, v2 is fully supported and compatible with v3. However, v2 is marked as deprecated and support for it will be removed in the future.

LICSTAT-19617Improved Features - History - Utilization endpoints.

Added possibility to filter only borrowed licenses on the following endpoints:

  • api/v3/feature/{id}/realtime/sessions/{type}
  • api/v3/user/{id}/current-usage/{type}
  • api/v3/user/group/{id}/current-usage/{type}
LICSTAT-19587Denoted features that do not support borrowing with N/A.
LICSTAT-19584Added validation for imported files.
LICSTAT-19400Added filter for Host Quantity column on api/v3/feature/{id}/realtime/sessions/{type}.
LICSTAT-19394Restricted access to uptime chart data to administrators only in API v3.
LICSTAT-19373Added filter for Time Used column on api/v3/feature/{id}/realtime/sessions/{type}
License Statistics Manager
LICSTAT-19834Improved labels in License Statistics Manager.
LICSTAT-19759Added Java path configuration option.
License Statistics Agent
LICSTAT-19682Upgraded Java to v17.
LICSTAT-19506Added rejection of agents with redundant (not unique) host names.

Application architecture

LICSTAT-19852Upgraded Java to v17.0.1.
LICSTAT-19746Updated Java licensing policy.

Added new JAVA_PATH option to xflicstat.cfg configuration file.

By default, this option is disabled and set to JRE delivered with License Statistics installation.

LICSTAT-19275Replaced Oracle JDK with Adoptium JRE in the installer.
Additional enhancements
LICSTAT-19515Updated EULA.
LICSTAT-19462Updated FlexNet license manager type to FLEXlm/FlexNet.
LICSTAT-19491Removed date time formatting in SQL.
LICSTAT-19364Replaced xlsx report generator.


License Statistics v6.14 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-19861Fixed an issue with wrong filter applied to various numeric columns.
LICSTAT-19847Fixed an issue with inability to remove last group from Agents grid.
LICSTAT-19846Fixed an issue with invalid user list on Administration - License Servers - Usage page
LICSTAT-19840Fixed an issue with displaying large number of users using Show more option.
LICSTAT-19826Fixed an issue with importing host groups from OPT file being dependent on IP address.
LICSTAT-19821Fixed an issue with broken positioning of Pending Data Removal panel.
LICSTAT-19782Fixed an issue with dropping files to import.
LICSTAT-19771Fixed an issue with Data Anonymization initialization step remaining visible.
LICSTAT-19763Fixed an issue with invalid Online label for Autodesk remote source status.
LICSTAT-19743Fixed an issue with wrong OS version logged to core.log for Windows 11.
LICSTAT-19741Fixed an issue with incorrect data in Administration - License Servers - Usage grid.
LICSTAT-19738Fixed an issue with monitoring Codemeter license server.
LICSTAT-19690Fixed an issue with missing endpoint in API documentation.
LICSTAT-19640Fixed an issue with missing loading mask on various grids.
LICSTAT-19588Fixed an issue with License Manager Type not being visually disabled on application wizard.
LICSTAT-19424Fixed an issue with invalid label for 1 day session length.