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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.6 and newer, which added a new License Servers Usage chart (available with new licensing model only) and introduced the ability to edit descriptive information when hovering over list items in the Usage grid. If you are using an older version of License Statistics, see documentation for versions prior to v6.6.

You can see an overview of how license servers are being used in the Usage tab of the License Servers page, found under the Administration section in the left pane. (This page is visible only for License Statistics administrator users.)

License Servers Usage chart

The Usage tab includes a License Servers Usage chart, available with the new licensing model only. Using the controls at the top of the chart, you can choose to view counts for Users, Features or Hosts, and sort by total or current usage.

License Servers Usage grid

The License Servers Usage grid lists details about the number of features, users and hosts in the database for each license server. The information given for features, users, and hosts is similar and includes the following:

Column NameDescription
Current The number of features/users/hosts included in the last query.
Exclusive The number of the users/hosts that were monitored only by the associated license server, and not by any other license server monitored by License Statistics.
Total The number of features/users/hosts in the entire database.

You can hover your cursor over any number in the grid to see a list of the users/hosts/features that are included in that reported count. The example below shows the results of hovering over a Features count. You can edit the display name, display version, and description that appears in reports by hovering over the list items.