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You must re-activate your license whenever you upgrade your license or renew your maintenance. When you activate your license, it generates a license file (*.lic) that you can reuse with new updates of the software (unless you are instructed to update the license for any reason).

The following steps are designed to activate a License Statistics license on Windows.

You can open the license activation dialog at any time by clicking Activate License Statistics in the X-Formation application group.

In License Activator:

  1. Select the appropriate option based on whether you are installing License Statistics for the first time, upgrading License Statistics, or running the trial version of License Statistics:

    - If you are installing License Statistics for the first time: Enter your Activation Key (sent to you via email). If you cannot locate your activation key, request it by contacting us.

    - If you are upgrading License Statistics: Select the option to browse for and select a previously activated license file.

    - If you are running the trial version of License StatisticsSelect the option to run License Statistics as a trial. You can skip the remaining activation steps.

  2. Click Next to continue, and then choose to activate the license for the current computer or browse for HostID file and select a different computer on which to activate the license.

  3. Click Next to continue, and then click Activate to start the activation.

    A final screen displays the progress and success (or failure) of the license activation. When activation is complete, close the License Activator window.

Restart License Statistics.

You may activate your license online instead of using License Activator; however, it is strongly recommended to use License Activator whenever possible to avoid activation problems.