The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.19 and newer, which introduced the ability to remotely close sessions. If you are using an earlier version, please refer to the documentation for earlier versions. 

The Sessions page under the Features: Realtime section in the left navigation pane shows currently open sessions and realtime usage statistics for the currently selected license/server feature or all license servers.

Use the License Server and Feature pick lists in the General Information area at the top of the report to select specific license servers and features for which to view current usage. You may also choose to view all license servers, or all features for a selected license server by selecting "All" from the pick lists. (When "All" is selected from the License Servers pick list, feature selection is unavailable.)

You can add the Realtime Sessions report's chart and grid to the License Statistics Dashboard using the pin at the top right of the pane. Learn more about customizing the Dashboard. 

Realtime License Usage graph

The top section of the Realtime Sessions report contains a Realtime License Usage graph that gives you a visual picture of the number of licenses currently in use, and by which users, giving you instant understanding of highest license usage per user. 

The slider at the bottom of the graph lets you restrict the results to the users you want to focus on (for example, you might use the slider to view only those users with more than 1 license in use). 

If you select a license server/feature for which there is no realtime data, a popup with a link to view the history data for that license server/feature will appear in the upper right corner of the window.

See Feature usage graphs for additional information about feature use graphs.

Realtime Sessions grid

The lower section of the Sessions report contains a Realtime Sessions grid. This grid shows current usage of all licenses for the selected feature.

The Realtime Sessions grid includes the user and host on which the selected feature is checked out, how many licenses that user has checked out, the checkout time(s) and how much time has elapsed since checkout, and for any borrowed licenses, when the borrow time expires.

Using this grid, you can see information such as:

These uses are described below.

Current usage by time range

To see current usage by time range in the Realtime Sessions grid, make sure the "Time Used" column is visible, and filter by the desired time range. For example, you can filter by greater than 6 hours and less than 36 hours to see all results that are within this time range, as illustrated below.

Current usage on multiple hosts

To see current usage occurring on multiple hosts in the Realtime Sessions grid, aggregate the report by user, and ensure the "Host Qty" column is visible. 

Borrowed licenses

To see currently borrowed licenses, toggle on "Borrowed Only" at the top of the Realtime Sessions grid.

Remote session closing

You can remotely close a session using the "X" in the Action column at the right end of the session's row in the Realtime Sessions grid. 

Similar to closing sessions using License Harvesting, when you manually close an application on the end-user host, License Statistics will automatically force the session to release on the corresponding license server and return the license to the available pool. 

This setting is applicable only for LM-X and FlexNet license manager types.