The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.11 and newer, which allows adding Usage Calendar charts to the Dashboard. If you are using a version previous to v6.11, see documentation for previous versions.

The default Dashboard may be sufficient for your needs, but if not, you can customize it by adding the desired reports, rearranging them, removing unwanted reports, or customizing the display of your data by defining the page layout. The Dashboard is easy to customize, as described in the following sections.  

Defining page layout

You can arrange Dashboard contents by dragging and dropping elements to create the layout you like.

To move an element, click and hold the title bar of the element (you will see a "drag" cursor when you move over the element's title bar) and move the element to where you want to reposition it. When you see an outline of the element that fits into the desired location, release the mouse button. In this manner, you can move elements to new locations in the page and create either single or multiple columns to contain the elements.

Tip: You may find it easiest to first collapse the elements by clicking on the collapse/expand icon at the upper right of the elements in order to have more space on the page to move the elements into position.

Adding reports to the Dashboard

Any report that has a Pin to Dashboard icon (shown at the upper right of the grid) can be added to the Dashboard.

To add a report to the Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the report you want to add. (See Reports you can add to the Dashboard, below, for a complete list of the reports you can add to the Dashboard.)
  2. Make any desired settings to the report. The settings you make will be retained and visible after you add your report to the Dashboard. You can:
    - Apply filters and select the number of rows to display in the grid.
    - Hide/show individual columns by selecting Columns and then toggling columns on/off as desired.
    - Make additional settings using the Settings panel visible in some reports.
  3. Click the Pin to Dashboard icon at the upper right of the grid.

After you add your report to the Dashboard, any customized settings you made to the report are retained and will be visible after you add your report to the Dashboard.

Reports you can add to the Dashboard

The following reports can be added to the Dashboard:

Removing elements from the Dashboard

To remove elements from the Dashboard, click the "X" icon in the upper right corner of the application window.