This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. Reports have been restructured and reorganized as of License Statistics v6.14. The contents of the Utilization History report have been moved to Features - History - Utilization.

The Utilization History page under the Features section in the left navigation pane shows the percentage of license usage during any period that usage was tracked, helping you determine at which of the simultaneously used licenses the utilization drops. Identifying the number of required licenses helps avoid  purchasing unnecessary licenses and creates areas for savings. The settings you make on this page (for example, filters) are retained for the next time you log into License Statistics.

The Utilization History page includes a list of utilization statistics and a utilization graph.

General Information

The General Information area includes identifying information for the feature and a summary of usage information, including a current count of licenses used, borrowed and reserved, the total licenses available, the feature's expiration date, utilization percentage, and a share code if sharing is in use (for example, "Shared on: HOST").

Use the License Server and Feature pick lists in the in the General Information area to choose the feature for which to view statistics

Filtering results

The Settings area lets you choose the time interval (Year, Quarter, Month, Week or Day), date, and time range to include in the results.

By default, utilization includes only the time that License Statistics and the monitored server were up. You can choose to include downtime in the results (in both the chart and the grid) by toggling the "Include downtime" checkbox.

Feature Utilization grid

The Feature Utilization grid shows license usage based on how many licenses were used for how long and the percentage of utilization for those licenses.

The calculation for determining the percentage of utilization is as follows:

Utilization = 100 * number of hours for which a specific number of simultaneously running licenses were used / hours monitored

For example, for 615 full hours of the reporting and 160 hours during which a specific number of licenses were used, the calculation would be:

100 * 160 / 615 = 26.0%


The precise utilization percentage calculation may be slightly different than 26%, because the license server may be down for short times during the month (by default the Include downtime checkbox is unchecked so downtime is not shown on the utilization history graph).

You can add the Utilization History grid to the License Statistics Dashboard. Learn more about customizing the Dashboard.

Feature Utilization graph

The Feature Utilization graph gives you a visual picture of the license utilization trend throughout a specific period of time. You can also select to view utilization based on hours (in both the table and the graph), by selecting the From hour/To hour times you wish to view from the Settings panel on the left-hand side of the grid. (For additional information about feature graphs, see Feature usage graphs.)  

As shown in the example below, the amount of utilization drops consistently with the number of simultaneously used licenses.

You can add the Utilization History graph to the License Statistics Dashboard. Learn more about customizing the Dashboard.