This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. Reports have been restructured and reorganized as of License Statistics v6.14. The contents of the Current Usage By Time Range report have been moved to Features - Realtime - Sessions.

To see a report on licenses checked out for the time between selected number of hours, review the Current Usage By Time Range page under the Reports section in the left navigation pane.

The Current Usage By Time Range report lists those licenses that have been checked for some time, helping you to discover possible issues with users keeping licenses checked out unnecessarily. Not being able to use the license by other users may hinder the progress of work, thereby putting your company at risk of losing time and money.

The Current Usage By Time Range report includes such information as details of the features used (name, version and type), the vendor of the monitored software, license servers the features are running from, users using the licenses, the host on which the feature is checked out, the number of used licenses, and the exact time the feature is being used.

By default, the report shows usage above 24 hours, but you can easily customize settings by choosing the value from the Above and Below drop-down lists; for example, to see usage between 24 and 72 hours, select the "72 Hours" option from the drop-down list.

You can add this report to the License Statistics Dashboard. Learn more about customizing the Dashboard.