This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. Reports have been restructured and reorganized as of License Statistics v6.14. The contents of the Current Utilization report have been moved to Features - Realtime - Usage.

To see a report on percentage of utilization, select the Current Utilization page under the Reports section in the left navigation pane.

The Current Utilization report shows information about the feature utilization on monitored license servers or license server groups for a particular moment. By reviewing this report, you can quickly get a picture of which features may be overused or are nearing overuse and plan your purchasing accordingly.

Note: Because the Current Utilization grid shows realtime information, you may not see the same data after some time. Use the Utilization History tab for a comparison of historical data.

License usage information

The license usage information includes the following:

Column NameDescription

The percentage of license use for the feature.  

The percentage of use is calculated as Used Licenses divided by Total Licenses, times 100%. For example, if you have 5 Used Licenses and 10 Total Licenses, the Utilization is 5 / 10 * 100% = 50%.   

The color of the bars in the Utilization column helps you quickly recognize the level of utilization: 

  1. Red: 90% - 100% utilization
  2. Orange: 70% to 89% utilization
  3. Green: 0% to 69% utilization
UsedThe number of used licenses for the feature.
TotalThe total number of licenses for the feature.

You can add this report to the License Statistics Dashboard. Learn more about customizing the Dashboard.