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License Statistics version 6.12 includes the new features, enhancements and fixes detailed below. Most of these improvements were made in response to customer feedback. For more information on how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development

For information about activating your License Statistics license, see Activating a License Statistics license on Windows or Activating a License Statistics license online.

In addition to learning about the changes in this release, we highly recommend reviewing the License Statistics v6.0 Release Notes, License Statistics v5.15 Release Notes and License Statistics v5.14 Release Notes if you are upgrading from an older version.

This release contains braking changes. Before upgrading to License Statistics v6.12 make sure that your environment matches the requirements listed below:

  1. As of Java JDK v16 the deprecated protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer supported.
  2. Minimum supported version of MySQL server is v5.7.28.
  3. License Statistics API v1 was deprecated as of License Statistics v6.8 and it's being removed in the current release. 

New features

License Statistics v6.12 includes the following new features.

Note that some new features are available only when using the new licensing model (2019).

Issue #DescriptionNew licensing model (2019) only
LICSTAT-11917Support for remote monitoring of CodeMeter Network License Server.(star)
LICSTAT-9624Enlarging grid and chart panels to full screen.
LICSTAT-6292Ability to control user session length in Administration. 


License Statistics v6.12 includes the following enhancements.

Issue #Description
User interface
LICSTAT-18719Added ability to select all license servers and features on License Servers - Current Usage report.
LICSTAT-16884Responsive design improvements.

Created unstable API v3 with extended reports allowing to selected all license servers and features on reports:

  • Features - Usage History
  • Features - Current Usage
  • Features - User History
  • License Servers - Current Usage

API v3 is still under development. We reserve the right to provide braking changes for this unstable API version in the next releases.  

Application architecture

LICSTAT-19131Forced minimum external MySQL server version to v5.7.28.
LICSTAT-19123Upgraded embedded MySQL server to v5.7.33.

Upgraded Java JDK to v16.

Removed support for TLS v1.0 and v1.1 protocols.

Removed features

Removed API v1 support.

API v1 was marked as deprecated as of License Statistics v6.8. As of now it's no longer available. Use stable API v2 instead.  


License Statistics v6.12 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-19111Fixed an issue with parsing Dassault output.
LICSTAT-19093Fixed an issue with inability to save Vendor Daemon Name field.
LICSTAT-19069Fixed an issue with parsing OLicense output.
LICSTAT-19068Fixed an issue with duplicate data error for Autodesk.
LICSTAT-19056Fixed an issue with parsing Dassault output.
LICSTAT-19055Fixed an issue with querying LM-X.
LICSTAT-19052Fixed an issue with incorrect filter type on Applications grid.
LICSTAT-19050Fixed an issue with broken sorting on License Servers grid.
LICSTAT-19049Fixed an issue with importing log file with current data.
LICSTAT-19048Fixed an issue with incorrect wording in log file.
LICSTAT-18972Fixed an issue with Last Update Time being set on server creation.
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