License Statistics version 6.8 includes the enhancements and fixes detailed below. Most of these improvements were made in response to customer feedback. For more information on how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development

For information about activating your License Statistics license, see Activating a License Statistics license on Windows or Activating a License Statistics license online.

In addition to learning about the changes in this release, we highly recommend reviewing the License Statistics v6.0 Release Notes, License Statistics v5.15 Release Notes and License Statistics v5.14 Release Notes if you are upgrading from an older version.

New features

License Statistics v6.8 includes the following new features.

Note that some new features are available only when using the new licensing model (2019).

Issue #DescriptionNew licensing model (2019) only

Reports extended with additional ID and Description columns for User, Host, License Server and Feature entities.

These additional columns are available for GUI, API and data exporting, and are hidden by default.

LICSTAT-17827New Agents administration page.(star)
LICSTAT-17791Added Autodesk ID reservation type.(star)
LICSTAT-17730Added new configuration tool for License Statistics Agent.(star)
LICSTAT-17624Introduced multi-column ordering on all grids and API.


License Statistics v6.8 includes the following enhancements.

Issue #Description
User interface
LICSTAT-17907Restore Sort button was add  the the grids.

Configuration columns are now hidden by default on Realtime License Servers grid, including:

  • Realtime Denials
  • Feature Versioning
LICSTAT-17757Introduced new tooltip with error message for Down license server status on License Server grid.
LICSTAT-17523Usage History Comparison chart has been replaced with D3 implementation, which improves performance and ease of use.
LICSTAT-17455Reports Expiring Features chart has been replaced with D3 implementation, which improves performance and ease of use.
LICSTAT-17454License Server Uptime chart has been replaced with D3 implementation, which improves performance and ease of use.
LICSTAT-17245Gauge chart is now shown for feature usage in cases of unlimited total licenses. 

Introduced reorganized API v2.

Currently, v1 is fully supported and compatible with v2. However, v1 is marked as deprecated and support for it will be removed in the future.

License Managers
LICSTAT-17752Feature usage is now counted for license users for Autodesk license manager.
License Statistics Manager

Incorporated visual enhancements.

LICSTAT-17554Applied persistent default values for embedded database configuration.
LICSTAT-17553Set default ports for secured and unsecured connections. 
LICSTAT-17551Added better filters when browsing for the files. 
LICSTAT-17548Improved stability of the Open button state.
LICSTAT-17546Improved behavior of Start/Stop service buttons.
LICSTAT-17544Added ability to download support file directly from License Statistics Manager. 
License Statistics Agent
LICSTAT-17725License Statistics Agent's history is now limited in time and size.

Application architecture

LICSTAT-17972Upgraded License Activator to v1.11.
LICSTAT-17563Upgraded ExtJS to v7.2.0.
LICSTAT-17742Improved "Version data expected but not set" log warning, including clarifying the message text and moving the warning from the Event Log to the log file.


License Statistics v6.8 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-18016Fixed an issue with features with the same name with daemons on the same port for FlexNet license server. 
LICSTAT-17981Fixed an issue with wrong filter type for Gathering column on License Server Group administration.
LICSTAT-17950Fixed an issue with inconsistent usage on Feature Current Usage report for LS-DYNA license server.
LICSTAT-17929Fixed an issue with inability to change password of currently logged in user on the User Management page.
LICSTAT-17923Fixed an issue with error: Autodesk unknown error: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key.

Fixed an issue with failure to show host count on License Details Page.

Due to this issue, values for the Hosts on the License Usage History chart are approximated (until the date of updating to License Statistics v6.8) and may not be strictly accurate. Other historical metrics and real-time values are not affected.

LICSTAT-17864Fixed an issue with unknown error when there are no Autodesk features to parse.
LICSTAT-17846Fixed an issue with crashing liblmxvendor.dll.
LICSTAT-17817Fixed an issue with hidden sort icon for long column name.
LICSTAT-17816Fixed an issue with unknown error when inserting data: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'Pattern'.
LICSTAT-17803Fixed an issue with missing vendor daemon name in FlexNet output.
LICSTAT-17780Fixed an issue with username separation for FlexNet license server.
LICSTAT-17754Fixed an issue with heat map failing to show colors for small ranges.
LICSTAT-17565Fixed an issue with parsing username for Dassault license server.
LICSTAT-17497Fixed an issue with slow performance for Usage History Comparison.