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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.7 or newer, which added support for Autodesk user licenses monitoring. If you are using an earlier version of License Statistics, please refer to the documentation for releases prior to v6.7.

The following table contains information about the license servers from which License Statistics can gather usage statistics and lists features that are supported by specific license servers.

License Manager

Gathering Type









Token Licenses

Realtime and Imported (extended log files for denied requests and pay-per-use log files)

Realtime only(tick)(tick)(tick)

ANSYSImported only (log files)(tick)

AutodeskRealtime only

Beta-LMRealtime only

CodeCollaboratorImported only (log files)

Custom license serverRealtime only(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Realtime only
EPLAN License Manager (ELM)Realtime only(tick)(tick)(tick)

FelicsImported only (advanced log files)

Realtime and Imported (denied request logs and encrypted report log files)

GNSRealtime only


Realtime and Imported (denied request logs)


Realtime only

LICMANRealtime only

License4JRealtime only(tick)

LS-DYNARealtime only

Mathematica License Manager (MathLM)Realtime only

OLicenseRealtime only

OxygenRealtime only

Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Realtime and Imported (denied request and report log files)


RSoftImported only (log files)

Sentinel Hardware Keys (SHK)Imported only (log files)

Sentinel HASPImported only (log files)

Sentinel RMS **

Realtime and Imported (report log files)


SmartPlant License Manager (SPLM)Imported only (log files)

TASKING License Manager (TLM)Realtime only(tick)

* FLEXlm/FlexNet token licenses are supported only for vendor MSC ( for features CAMPUS, MDAdv, NASTRAN, NA_ACMS, and MSCONE.

** For Sentinel RMS, denials are imported along with the usage data when importing the report log file.

See Operating system and resource requirements for more information about requirements for gathering data from these license servers.

Importing log data

To import log data, place the license server log file in the License Statistics importlog directory. The License Statistics database will be automatically updated with the data in the log file, and the license server will appear in the License Server lists with a gathering type of "imported" as described in License Servers. (For information about generating denied request logs, see Denied Requests Log requirements.) Imported license server data viewable in License Statistics is limited based on the data in the imported log; therefore, some License Statistics pages may not contain any information or may be unavailable when viewing imported data.