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The procedure for updating an existing License Statistics installation depends on:

  • Your installation platform (Windows or Linux)
  • Your currently installed License Statistics version that you will be updating
  • Your database hosting type (embedded or external)

Choose the upgrade instructions that match your version and platform from the table below.

From versionTo version

Follow upgrade instructions for


< 4.11.1


The database migration system was changed in v4.11.1, so it's not possible to update directly to the newest version from versions older than v4.11.1.

4.11.1 - 5.14newestWindowsLinuxMySQL server was updated from v5.5 to v5.7 in License Statistics v5.15.
>= 5.15newestWindowsLinuxFor Windows, a one-time manual update is required prior to v6.6, which introduced automated updates for Windows installations.
>= 6.6newestWindows

Automated update using an *.msi installer is available when upgrading from Windows v6.6 to newer Windows installations.

Automated update does not apply to Linux installations.

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