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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v4.12 or newer. If you are using an earlier version, please refer to the documentation for releases prior to v4.12.

An init script is used to start, stop, and restart License Statistics and determine whether License Statistics is currently running.

The init script is created during License Statistics Installation under the general system init script directory for your specific Linux distribution (for example, /etc/init.d for Debian and RHEL). If the init script is not stored in the system init script directory (for example, the person installing License Statistics had inadequate permissions to write to the directory or chose during installation not to install to the directory, or if writing to the directory fails for any reason), the init script will be stored in the "init" directory under the License Statistics installation directory.

You use the init script by running the following commands, where /init is the directory that contains the init script:



/init/xflicstat start

Starts License Statistics.

/init/xflicstat stop

Stops License Statistics.

/init/xflicstat restart

Restarts License Statistics.

/init/xflicstat status

Reports whether License Statistics is currently running.

Note: When running the init scripts, make sure the user has the default shell set to /bin/bash. It is also important for the user to have full access to the License Statistics installation folder and the /tmp directory.

You may run License Statistics from its main directory using ./xflicstat. This will display the same information that is written to the License Statistics log file, and should be used only to check License Statistics; for example, for troubleshooting purposes.

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