To update to License Statistics version 6.18 and newer from versions older than 6.0, you must first update to version 6.0 or newer (v6.17.6 is recommended).

For Windows, use the automated update procedure to update License Statistics v6.6.

For Linux, use the automated update procedure to update License Statistics v6.17 and above using DEB and RPM installers.

  1. Back up the following files:
    • License Statistics configuration file (xflicstat.cfg)
    • License Statistics license file (license.lic)
    • 3rd party utilities (for example, query tools), which should be moved to a location outside of the License Statistics installation directory to avoid their removal by the installer
  2. Back up the database, depending on which database hosting you are using:
  3. Download the License Statistics installation from the License Statistics download page.
  4. Stop License Statistics.
  5. Remove the current installation.
  6. Install License Statistics.

    Do not run License Statistics yet.

  7. If you are using an embedded database, restore the database.

    This step applies only when using an embedded database. If you are using an external database, License Statistics will update it automatically.

  8. Import or activate the license.
  9. Import or restore your configuration settings.

    Avoid replacing the new xflicstat.cfg file with your backed up copy, due to risk of incompatibility. We recommend that you configure the new xfclistat.cfg file by copying/importing the values from the old file to the new file as needed.

  10. Start License Statistics.
  11. Update the query tool paths on the License Server administration page to refer to the new directory.

    The query tool executable (and the path provided in the License Statistics UI) must be local, so if specifying a query tool, ensure that the executable is on the same machine as the License Statistics installation.

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