License Statistics version 6.4 includes the enhancements and fixes detailed below. Most of these improvements were made in response to customer feedback. For more information on how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development

For information about activating your License Statistics license, see Activating a License Statistics license on Windows or Activating a License Statistics license online.

In addition to learning about the changes in this release, we highly recommend reviewing the License Statistics v6.0 Release Notes, License Statistics v5.15 Release Notes and License Statistics v5.14 Release Notes if you are upgrading from an older version.

New features

License Statistics v6.4 includes the following new features.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-16326Added the ability to remove historical data.


License Statistics v6.4 includes the following enhancements.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-16780Extended notification for the old licensing model with the list of new features available only in the new licensing model.
LICSTAT-16759Improved utilization bar performance.
LICSTAT-16757Changed default sorting on the Users Usage History grid to "Date ascending."
LICSTAT-16754Added bulk operation checkbox on the Users Current Usage chart.
LICSTAT-7543Added ability to group by year on the Usage Per User report.


License Statistics v6.4 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-16852Fixed an issue with inactive Administration button randomly appearing on the main menu for User role. 
LICSTAT-16834Fixed an issue with index out of bounds error for EPLAN License Manager.



Fixed issues with responsiveness of various UI elements.
LICSTAT-16766Fixed an issue with invalid license count for EPLAN License Manger.
LICSTAT-16760Fixed an issue with a warning reported during Linux installation: chmod: cannot access '(...)/htdocs': No such file or directory.
LICSTAT-16755Fixed an issue with panel title layout.