License Statistics version 6.19 includes the new features, enhancements and fixes detailed below. Most of these improvements were made in response to customer feedback. For more information on how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development

When upgrading from License Statistics v6.17 and newer on Linux, use the DEB and RPM installers to update your installation automatically. 

In addition to learning about the changes in this release, we highly recommend reviewing the License Statistics v6.18 Release Notes if you are upgrading from an older version.

New features

Issue #DescriptionLicensing Model 2019

Added ability to disable Custom Application event logging

  • Globally for all applications
  • Individually for each application 
LICSTAT-21949Added ability to adjust connection interval for License Statistics Agent(star)

Added dynamic date ranges

Reports added to Dashboard will always have the expected date range; for example, Current Quarter or Last Month


Added ability to close session on the license server directly from Features Realtime Sessions and Users Realtime Sessions reports

  • A License Statistics administrator can manually force the session to release on the corresponding license server and return the license to the available pool
  • This feature applies only to LM-X and FlexNet license managers 


Added Suspend harvesting method to License Harvesting modes

License Statistic Agent 6.19 with installed Optional Harvesting Tools is required to use Suspend harvesting method



Issue #Description
LICSTAT-21928Added Users/Hosts filter to Anonymization column on License Servers grid
LICSTAT-21879Made performance improvements for larger scale of connected License Statistics Agents 

Added License Harvesting configuration options as columns to the Custom Application grid:

  • Harvesting Trigger
    • Work Days
    • Work Hours
    • Max Inactivity
    • CPU Threshold
  • Harvesting User Confirmation
    • Show Popup
    • Popup Timeout
  • Harvesting Mode
    • Release Method
    • Graceful Timeout

Clarified data anonymization labels by replacing "Usernames" with "Users" and "Hostnames" with "Hosts"

LICSTAT-21724Added Host IP reported by an Agent to Session History reports for Custom Application servers 
LICSTAT-21345Extended Feature Realtime/History Reservations reports to add the ability to display all license servers and features (in addition to the ability to display individual license servers and features) 
User Interface
LICSTAT-21840Improved layout of Management tab in Licensing page

Added dynamic date range property to all endpoints related to historical data, which allows displaying data based on:

  • current_year
  • last_year
  • current_quarter
  • last_quarter
  • current_month
  • last_month
  • current_week
  • last_week
  • yesterday

When integrating reports generation using API, eg. for Microsoft Power BI or Microsoft Excel use dynamic date range to make sure the report is always up to date without setting static start and end dates (sd and ed parameters)

LICSTAT-22004Added storage migration progress status
LICSTAT-21872Added file validation before restoring

Made License Statistics CLI improvements:

  • Added an apply option to the storage command to allow applying a custom SQL file: storage apply <custom.sql> --confirm
  • Extended the status command to deliver storage details
License Managers
LICSTAT-11799Added ability to import usage from Dassault log files
License Statistics Manager
LICSTAT-22024Made progress bar visible during support file generation
LICSTAT-22131Added support for Debian 12
LICSTAT-21955Upgraded embedded MySQL to v8.0.34
LICSTAT-21881Upgraded Ext JS to v7.7
Minor Enhancements
LICSTAT-22016Improved session closure handling
LICSTAT-22014Improved blocked insertions handling due to licensing rules
LICSTAT-22013Changed algorithm blocking version for expired maintenance
LICSTAT-21965Added validation for local Query Tool Path
LICSTAT-21959Added embedded MySQL configuration file to support file
LICSTAT-15903Improved date comparison in licensing
LICSTAT-21896Dropped support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS



Issue #Description
 LICSTAT-22075Fixed an issue with an invalid filter in the API documentation example
 LICSTAT-22015Fixed an issue with obsolete feature deletion
 LICSTAT-22012Fixed an issue with sorting by Hosts on Features: Realtime Sessions report when aggregating by User