The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.11 and newer, which redesigned license server administration and removed the need for the importlog directory. If you are using a version previous to v6.11, see documentation for previous versions.

The Denied Requests Log contains data for cases where the number of checkout requests exceeded the number of available licenses in a given month, resulting in an inability for users to check out a license. Denied Requests pages are accessed from the License Statistics UI, as described in Denials, and can be downloaded in the formats described in Downloading License Statistics data.

Denied Requests Log generation works only with the following license managers, and you must meet the requirements given in Denied Requests Log requirements to generate denied request data for these license managers.

  • LM-X License Manager
  • FLEXlm/FlexNet
  • Reprise License Manager (RLM)
  • Sentinel RMS 

Denials are imported only when enabled for the license server. See Importing license server data for more information.

By reviewing the denial log data in the License Statistics UI (or downloaded data; for example, charts created from a downloaded Excel file), you can easily see how many license checkout requests were denied and how often the denials took place.

The Denied Requests Log output is entirely reliant on the contents of the debug log file (for FLEXlm/FlexNet and RLM) or the server's data (IBM LUM). For example, FLEXlm/FlexNet normally overwrites debug logs each time the server is restarted. Therefore, the Denied Requests Log output contains information only for the period of time during which the server ran continuously.

License Statistics cannot control or modify the content, format, or behavior of the debug logs or server data. To learn more about manipulating this data, or for any issues with the content of Denied Requests Log output, please refer to your license server documentation.