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This glossary lists terms that are specific to License Statistics and feature usage monitoring.


License request

A request made by a user to obtain a particular software license.


Refers to the use of a license, which means that the license is taken from a pool of available licenses.

A user can use two licenses of the same feature, as shown below.

Users Using License

A type of license usage that allows a user to use a floating license without being connected to the license server.
The denial of a request for a license.
License Reservation
License is assigned to a specific user and cannot be utilized by another user without an administrator reassigning the license to another user. 
Realtime Denial
The denial of a request for a license monitored in real time.
Denied Requests Log
One or more log files that contain data about denials.
Feature Versioning

When Feature Versioning is set, features shown in lists include a separate entry for each version of that feature, and are named feature_version throughout License Statistics.

Gathering realtime information from a particular license server about feature usage details.
Gathering information from a license server log file about feature usage details.
Last Update Time
The last time at which License Statistics received an update from a license server.


An application.
Log file
One or more ASCII text files written by a license server. 
License for particular software.

The definition of a license.

The parts of a feature are:

  1. Name (for example, Windows).
  2. Version (one feature can have multiple versions, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and so on).
  3. Type, which can be:
    1. Floating
    2. Node-locked
    3. Token

As shown in the diagram below, a feature is defined by its name, version and type. There can be multiple versions with the same name, but each version can have only three license types: nodelocked, floating, or token. Although the features may share the same name, each feature with a different version and/or type is an individual, unique feature.



License manager

A solution that provides the ability to manage licenses.
An application or person that requests a license.

The computer on which a user is accessing a license.

A user can use a feature on more than one host, and a host can be used by more than one user, as shown below.

User on Hosts

License server

Software hosting licenses for a single software vendor. A license server can be one of the following:

  • Imported license server: A license server from which data was imported.
  • Realtime license server: A license server for which data was gathered through monitoring.
  • Monitored license server: Realtime license server for which license usage data is being gathered. 
  • License server group: Two or more license servers that are treated as one. 
The manufacturer of a software application using a particular license manager.
Gathering type  
The license server type (Realtime or Imported).
Query interval 
A value (number of minutes) specified for how often feature usage data is gathered for a monitored license server.
Linux systemRefers to Linux x64 platform.
Windows systemRefers to Win64 platform.