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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.6 or newer, which introduced support for EPLAN bundles.

For EPLAN LM, you have the option of using an EPLAN bundle. To use a bundle, when creating or editing the license server, use the EPLAN Bundle license manager type's Browse button to locate and upload a ".4elm" file that was generated by the EPLAN client

Although optional, uploading a bundles configuration file is recommended to ensure License Statistics correctly calculates usage totals and other statistics, especially when using licenses shared between the bundles. You must re-upload the ".4elm" file after changing the EPLAN server configuration. If a ".4elm" file is not uploaded, the default configuration (no sharing) will be used.

Note that the ".4elm" file:

  • Must be a text file containing a [Bundles] section
  • Cannot be larger than 1 Mb

For information on creating, managing and exporting EPLAN bundle files, see the official EPLAN documentation.