This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. This information no longer applies to License Statistics v6.3 and newer.
EntityAPI Endpoints
FeatureFeature API
License ServerLicense Server API
License Server GroupLicense Server Group API

Most reports in License Statistics are based around specific core entities, listed below along with their relative API endpoints.

The API endpoints relative to License Statistics usage data are listed below.

License Statistics tabAPI Endpoints
License Server → Current UsageLicense Server Current Usage API
License Server → UptimeLicense Server Uptime API
License Server → Usage History

Usage History API (server)

Features → Current UsageCurrent Feature Usage API
Features → Usage HistoryUsage History API (feature)
Features → User History

User History API

Features → Utilization HistoryFeature Utilization History API
Features → DenialsDenials API
Reports → Current UsersCurrent Users API
Reports → Usage Per UserUsage Per User API
Reports → Usage History ComparisonUsage History API (features)
Reports → Current UtilizationCurrent Utilization API
Reports → Realtime Users Count

Realtime Users Count API

User Hosts List API

Reports → Expiring FeaturesExpiring Features API
Reports → Currently Borrowed LicensesCurrently Borrowed Licenses API
Reports → Current Usage By Time RangeCurrent Usage API (usage above/below N hours)
Reports → Current Usage On Multiple HostsCurrent Usage API (used on multiple hosts)