This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. This information no longer applies to License Statistics v6.3 and newer.

Obtaining a license server group list

You can easily list license server groups created in License Statistics by sending the following HTTP request.

GET /api/v1/license-server-group/${returnType}

where $ indicates a variable value that you can replace with a value that best suits your needs. The possible parameters are described below.

${returnType}YesstringStandard format option. See Making an API request for details.
standard report optionsNovarious

See Making an API request for details.


On success, this report will contain one row for each license server group. Each row consists of the following columns.

ColumnFull nameTypeVisible by default in export
lsgidLicense Server Group IDinteger(minus) No
lsgnGroup Namestring(tick) Yes
lsgdDescriptionstring(tick) Yes

Note that the order in the table is the default order of the columns in the exported file.


The following examples make use of the GET method. 

Example 1

Say you would like to get the list of all license server groups. To generate this data set, enter a command similar to the following.

curl -H "X-Auth-token: token" "http://yourdomain/api/v1/license-server-group/json"

 Example 2

 If you'd like to obtain license server group information filtered by name in CSV format, enter the following command.

curl --data "filter=[{\"type\"=\"string\", \"field\"=\"lsgn\", \"value\"=\"abc\"}]" 
-H "X-Auth-token: token" "http://yourdomain/api/v1/license-server-group/csv"

Example 3

In order to get information about license server group with an ID of 1, enter the following command.

curl --data-urlencode "filter=[{\"type\"=\"numeric\", \"field\"=\"lsgid\", \"comparison\"=\"eq\" \"value\"=\"1\"}]" -H "X-Auth-token: token" "http://yourdomain/api/v1/license-server-group/json"
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