This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. License Statistics v6.11 removed license server alias and merge functionality as part of redesigned license server management.

When you are monitoring a server for realtime usage and you also import denial logs for that server, the data may be shown in License Statistics under two separate servers. This occurs because the denial log contains only the hostname of the machine, but the realtime server is known under an IP address or different hostname. Therefore, the realtime data will be shown under the server's IP address, while the denials data will be shown under the hostname contained in the log file. 

To see the server's usage information reported under one server name, you can use an alias and/or merge the server data. Assigning an alias essentially instructs License Statistics that the two hostnames refer to the same server instead of two different servers. 

  • If you currently have only realtime data for the server in License Statistics and plan to also import denials data into License Statistics, you can create an alias for the server before importing the denials data. Thereafter, all denials data and realtime data will be shown under one server. 
  • If you currently have both realtime data and denials data for one server that is being shown in License Statistics under two separate servers, you can merge the data under one server. If you are planning to import more data in the future, you should create an alias.

For example, say you have a FlexNet server for which you want to track both realtime usage and denials data. The realtime server uses the IP address, but the denial log for the same server uses the hostname, "ServerHostname1." If you haven't yet imported the denials log, you can avoid having the data show up under two servers by editing the license server in License Statistics and assigning "ServerHostname1" as an alias for that License Server. Then, when you import the denials log that uses the hostname "ServerHostname1," the denials data will be shown under the same server as the realtime data.

However, if you already imported the denials log and have the realtime and denials data shown under separate servers, you must merge the existing data to resolve this. When you merge the data stored under "ServerHostname1" with the realtime server, "ServerHostname1" is removed from License Statistics.

For detailed instructions on assigning aliases, see Adding and editing license server aliases.

For detailed instructions on merging license servers, see Merging license server data.