This is the home of X-Formation's License Statistics Documentation. Here, you can find help for using License Statistics, an online license monitoring and tracking tool that lets you see exactly how your licenses are being used.

About License Statistics

License Statistics is a feature-rich online application that monitors, processes, and produces reports on software license usage, letting you gain control over your IT assets in order to:

  • Identify unused and underutilized licenses
  • Share usage statistics with your entire organization
  • Optimize license usage and save operational costs by up to 30%
  • Improve company productivity
  • Plan your future software purchases accordingly


  • Capable of gathering both realtime and imported data
  • Support for 30+ license servers
  • Can be run on Linux or Windows
  • Includes the capability to export reports to different formats that suit your needs: PDF, XLSX, and CSV
  • No requirements for 3rd party software, yet License Statistics integrates easily with other applications, such as Excel, for reporting purposes
  • License Statistics API can be used to automate report generation and extract reports on demand to integrate them with your business processes
  • Open database allows for generating virtually any types of reports by using custom SQL queries

Release Notes

Please refer to License Statistics Release Notes for details about updates, fixes, and features introduced in specific versions.


If you have a question about using License Statistics, please contact our support team. You may also want to submit feedback or suggest new features in License Statistics.

Other handy links:

For tips, troubleshooting, and known issues that you might find helpful if you run into problems using License Statistics, see Troubleshooting.

We also encourage you to visit our blog and YouTube channel dedicated to License Statistics, where you can find much more useful information about the License Statistics software presented in a friendly and attractive manner.


Monitor and analyze the actual usage of licensed applications in your organization and trim your software costs by as much as 30%.