The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.0 or newer, which made changes to the License Statistics installation procedure. If you are running a previous version of License Statistics, see documentation for previous versions.

The following steps are designed to help you get a new License Statistics installation up and running on Linux. To update an existing License Statistics installation, please see Updating License Statistics.
  1. Download the License Statistics installation from the License Statistics download page.
    • If you have purchased License Statistics: Enter your Activation Key, included in the email sent to you after purchasing License Statistics, to obtain your download. If you have trouble locating your Activation Key, please contact X-Formation Support .
    • If you are downloading the trial version of License Statistics: Fill out the request form as instructed on the License Statistics download page to obtain your download

  2. Start the installer and follow the installation instructions.

    • Administrator privileges are recommended, but not required to install License Statistics on Linux.
    • You can install License Statistics on any machine, not necessarily the license server.
    • License Statistics must be installed on a local drive; installation on shared/mounted network drives is not supported.
    • The installation program works on most Linux distributions; however, if you have a problem running the installer, you can install License Statistics using a command prompt.
  3. Activate the license.

    You must re-activate your license whenever you upgrade your license or renew your maintenance.

  4. Configure License Statistics using the xflicstat.cfg file.

    Be careful not to change the structure of the xflicstat.cfg file when editing configuration settings.

  5. Start the xflicstat service.
  6. Test that License Statistics is running normally by using the Open Browser button in the License Statistics Manager, or by going to http://localhost:80 (or other address matching your configuration). The first time you access the License Statistics web interface, your login credentials will be set to username = admin, password = admin.

To begin monitoring license servers after a new installation, add the license server(s) to be monitored as instructed in Adding and editing license servers

  • Make sure you have all the utility executables required by the license servers you will be monitoring, as described in License server dependent requirements.
  • Ensure the utility version corresponds with the license server version. If you don't know which version to use, please contact your vendor.
  • Make sure that 3rd party utilities are always stored outside of the License Statistics installation directory so they will not be removed by the installer upon subsequent installations.