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The following steps are designed to get License Statistics up and running on Windows, using a FLEXlm/FlexNet server as an example.

Step 1: Prepare files prior to upgrading.

  • If this is an initial installation (not an upgrade), skip this step.
  • If you are upgrading from a previously installed version, it is important to do the following before installing the new version of License Statistics:
    • Back up the database.
    • Copy the License Statistics configuration file (xflicstat.cfg), license file (license.lic), and third-party utilities (for example lmutil.exe) to a safe location.
    • Remove the current installation folder before installing the new version, because the License Statistics installation will not remove the currently installed version and will not install a new version into the same location as a previous version.

Step 2: Download and install License Statistics.

  • Download the License Statistics installation from the License Statistics download page.
    • If you have purchased License Statistics: Enter your Activation Key to obtain the download. Your Activation Key was included in an email sent to you after purchasing/renewing License Statistics, along with instructions for downloading and installing License Statistics.
    • If you are downloading the trial version of License Statistics: Fill out the request form as instructed on the License Statistics download page to obtain your download
  • After the download is complete, an installation wizard will step you through the installation procedure.

Step 3: Activate the license.

When the installation is complete, License Activator steps you through activating your license.

  • In License Activator, follow the instructions listed in Activating a License Statistics license on Windows.
  • When you activate your license, it generates a license file (*.lic) that you can reuse with new updates of the software (unless you are instructed to update the license for any reason). 
  • Note that you must re-activate your license whenever you upgrade your license or renew your maintenance. You can open the license activation dialog at any time by clicking Activate License Statistics in the X-Formation application group.

Step 4: Configure License Statistics for your site.

  • If this is an initial installation (not an upgrade), review all configuration settings and modify xflicstat.cfg as needed to customize License Statistics for your site.
  • If you are upgrading from a previous version, compare the newly installed xflicstat.cfg configuration file with your backed up xflicstat.cfg file, and edit the settings in the new file as needed. We do not recommend reusing your old xflicstat.cfg file, as the new configuration file may contain new or changed items.
  • Important: Do not change the structure of the new xflicstat.cfg file.

If you have questions about how to configure License Statistics for your site, please contact X-Formation Support.

Step 5: Obtain all needed utility executables.

  • Make sure you have all utility executables that are required for the license servers you will be monitoring with License Statistics, as described in License server dependent requirements. Ensure the utility version corresponds with the license server version. If you don't know which version to use, please contact your vendor.
  • We recommend you copy these files to the License Statistics directory to keep all files in the same location.

Step 6: Restore the database if needed.

  • If this is an initial installation (not an upgrade), skip this step.
  • If you are upgrading from a previous version, restore your database before running the application for the first time.

Step 7: Start the service.

Start the service by selecting Start License Statistics from the X-Formation application group. (To stop the service, select Stop License Statistics.)

Step 8: Configure the license servers

To configure license servers to be monitored by License Statistics, see Adding and editing realtime license servers.

When you configure your license servers:

  • Change the setting for the query interval time from 10 minutes to minute to generate statistics every minute so you can quickly confirm that License Statistics is running normally, which you'll do in Step 6. (After you verify that License Statistics is running normally, you should change this setting to a larger value.)
  • Specify the path to your query tool if needed.

Step 9: Test that License Statistics is running normally.

  • A couple of minutes after starting the service, review the log files and ensure they contain no ERROR or WARNING lines that indicate problems with parsing, monitoring servers, or adding or editing license servers. The following output example messages indicate the service is running normally:
Ready for querying...
To view statistics please go to http://localhost:80
  • Check results in your browser by going to http://localhost:80. The first time you access the License Statistics web interface, your login information is set to username = admin, password = admin.
  • If you do not see any results or a different application opens in the browser, you may need to change the web server port as described in Specifying a web server port. 

The video below shows how to install License Statistics on Windows.