The Customers page lets you define and edit information for each customer who purchases a product. You must enter a customer into LAC before you can create a license for that customer. All existing customers are listed in the table in the Customers page. You can save the information from the customer table and other tables in LAC as described in Exporting data from LAC

To add a new customer to LAC, click Create Customer. In the Create New Customer dialog, define the following.

  • In the General tab, enter the customer name (required) and details, such as address, phone, description, etc. (optional). You may also optionally select a LAC user to assign to the customer. Click Next to move to the next tab.
  • In the Custom Tags tab (optional), enter any additional information about the customer. This tab appears in the wizard only if custom tags have been addedClick Next to move to the next tab.
  • In the Contacts tab (optional), enter information for individual contacts at the customer site, including name and email address. 
  • Click Save to create the customer.

Editing customer information

As with other LAC objects, you can edit customer information or remove a customer at any time using the Edit and Delete icons under the Action column in the Customers table. When you edit a customer, you can change any of the information for the customer under the General and Contacts tabs. You can also add and edit license orders for that specific customer under the Licenses tab. Note that the customer information is not editable when creating a license order from the Licenses tab. For more information about creating license orders, see Creating and managing license orders.

In addition to editing customer information as described above, you can click on the customer name in the Customers table to open a detailed page for that customer. This lets you view and edit all information for the customer at one time, instead of in a tabbed dialog.

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