This is the home of X-Formation's License Activation Center (LAC) documentation. Here, you can find help for using both the Vendor (Administrator) and End User (License Activation) areas of LAC.

About License Activation Center
License Activation Center (LAC) is a feature-rich SaaS solution that greatly simplifies software license creation and distribution. Both software vendors as well as their end users can use LAC to streamline the license fulfillment process. When used with LM-X License Manager, LAC provides an end-to-end software licensing solution for every phase of license management.
License Activation Center Documentation for Vendors

If you are a vendor, see documentation for using LAC to add products, templates, customers, create orders and activate licenses, as well as manage LAC administration, which includes:

License Activation Center Documentation for End Users

If you are an end user, see documentation for using LAC to activate licenses, which includes:


Automate license creation and delivery, while providing business intelligence through integrated reporting and tracking of entitlements.

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