In Windows, users can activate licenses using License Activator, as described in Activating your license using License Activator

Vendors may choose to integrate License Activator within their installer. License Activator includes the following command line options to let you customize the tool for your own installer:

LicenseActivator.exe -output output_directory_and/or_file -title custom_text_for_title_bar -trial

Command usage



-outputBy default, License Activator writes a license file named license.lic to the current working directory. This option lets you specify a different path and/or file name for the license file.


Custom text for the License Activator title bar.


Enables the additional radio button "Run as 30-day trial" on the first screen of License Activator to allow users to run the software as a trial without activating a license.


To output a license in C:\Program Files (x86)\MyApplication\License directory with "Activate MyApplication" titlebar, run:

LicenseActivator.exe -output "C:\Program Files (x86)\MyApplication\License" -title "Activate MyApplication"


You can download License Activator by clicking on the file below.

  File Modified
File LicenseActivator_1.11.exe Jun 19, 2020 by Tomasz Ryba

Release History


Release DateNotes
1.02012-12-01Initial release.
1.12013-01-24Improvements in case VS2010 CRT redistributable was not installed.
1.22013-04-09Minor bugs and stability improvements.
1.32013-10-29Require administrative rights for running.
1.42014-08-28Fixed permission problem with saving license.
1.52018-10-09Libraries upgraded.
1.62018-12-07Libraries upgraded to require only Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.
1.72019-01-09Libraries and copyright upgraded.
1.82019-08-05Additional validation of cloud hostids.
1.92019-08-22Removed dependency to external Visual C++ Redistributable installations.
1.102019-10-30LM-X was updated to version 4.9.16.
1.112020-06-19Improved error handling.
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