LAC includes a command line utility, lacutil, that lets you activate a license from a command line. You can retrieve HostIDs and send them as a part of the activation request, as well as specify proxy information.

Command usage

The lacutil command usage is as follows. Optional parameters are enclosed in square brackets ( [ ] ). Variables are shown in italic text.





lacutil -hostid

Displays HostID values of your computer system.


-act_key <activation_key>
[-output <output_file>]
[-hostid <type=value,...>]
[-proxyhost <host> -proxyport <port>]
[-proxyuser <username> -proxypassword <password>]

Activate a license from License Activation Center.

The -hostid option can be used to explicitly specify the HostIDs. If no HostIDs are specified, LAC will try to automatically use the proper HostID from the current machine if a HostID is required. Additionally, proxy information can be specified for activation.


  • To print out a HostID list for the current machine:

lacutil.exe -hostid

  • To activate a license by specifying the activation key, with the HostID selected automatically from the current machine:

lacutil.exe -activate -act_key X34UT-0B2VE-1LAT9-Y3S45

  • To activate a license by explicitly specifying HostIDs (in this example, an Ethernet and Harddisk HostID):

lacutil.exe -activate -act_key X34UT-0B2VE-1LAT9-Y3S45 -hostid ETHERNET=112233445566,HARDDISK=AABBCCDDEEFFGGHH


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Lacutil history

lacutil revision

Release Date




Initial release; considered production ready. End-user functionality provided. 



Updated C Library and changed default output filename to contain activation key and date.

32013-03-18LAC end user API was updated to the stable version 2 and LM-X was updated to version 4.4.5.
42013-04-09Stability improvements.
52019-06-19LM-X was updated to version 4.9.12.
62019-07-26LM-X was updated to version 4.9.14.
72019-10-30LM-X was updated to version 4.9.16.
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