In Windows, you can activate licenses using License Activator. You can access License Activator at any time by double-clicking on it, or your vendor may integrate License Activator into its application installation program.

License Activator lets you:

  • Activate a license over the internet by entering the activation key your vendor provides you.
  • Browse for and use an existing license file that has already been activated.
  • Optionally (if provided by the vendor), run the software as a trial without requiring license activation. In this case, you will see a "Run as 30-day Trial" option when you start License Activator.

License Activator will also let you export the current computer's HostIDs to a file.


The following example shows activating a license with License Activator over the internet, using an activation key provided by your vendor.

  1. Start License Activator (for example, from the installation program, the Start menu, or other means provided by the vendor).
  2. The Activate over the Internet option is selected by default. Copy and paste your activation key into the Activation Key field, then click Next:
  3. To activate the license for the computer you are currently using, accept the default, "Activate a license for this computer," You may also activate the license for a different computer that you can access from your current machine by selecting the "Activate a license for a different computer" option. Click Next to continue.
  4. Click Activate to activate the license.
  5. The activation results are displayed, indicating either successful or failed activation. Close License Activator when activation is complete.
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