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To access the End User Portal:

  1. Open a web browser. LAC runs on most popular browsers, including Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

  2. Go to and enter the Activation Key associated with the license in the Activate License section of the login page, then click Log in. (Note that the Activation Key may be supplied by the software vendor as part of the login link to LAC (e.g.,, in which case you do not need to enter your Activation Key and will be automatically logged into LAC.)

    The first page you see when you log into the End User Portal is similar to the following:

    The page that opens shows three default panels with useful information about the license orders currently existing in LAC. The panels remain visible during the entire activation process, regardless whether you are activating a license belonging to a bulk license order or an individual license.

    License Order

    Gives the following information for the license order:

     - Activation Key

    - License Type (network or local)

    - Creation Time (the precise time the license order was created in the system)

    - Activated Licenses (the number of licenses that have been activated under the license order)

    CustomerGives information about the customer receiving the license.

    Gives the following information about the product that is being licensed:

    - Name

    - Version

    - Template

    Depending on which type of license you are activating, see Activating licenses belonging to a bulk license order or Activating individual licenses.

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