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When you enter the End User Portal to activate an individual license, you see a page similar to the following:

The page that opens contains a panel with HostID(s) you need to enter to activate your license.

Activating a license

The following example shows that one activation is allowed and one remains, indicating that this license has not been activated yet.

To activate a license:

  1. Enter the required HostID information, such as Ethernet, Hostname, IP Address, Username, etc. You can also import HostIDs from the string as a comma-separated list of types and values (for example, USERNAME=John, HOSTNAME=office.john) by clicking the Import button.

  2. If required, select the Optional HostID Type. This is an optional field that may contain a list of additional HostID(s) that can be specified to activate the license. If this field is greyed out, no optional HostID information is required and you can skip this step.

  3. Activate your license by clicking the Activate button.

    After activating the license, a page opens that displays the message: "License activated successfully", as shown below.

     The page that opens also lists information about the license, including License Status, Activation Time, Expiration Date, Maintenance End Date, and HostIDs.

  4. Download the activated license by clicking the Download button.

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