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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.0 or newer, which introduced changes to the configuration file.

Due to changes introduced with License Statistics v6.0, when updating from v5.x to v6.x, you cannot use your old configuration settings in the new configuration file. You must edit the configuration file delivered with v6.0 with your settings as needed.

Before running License Statistics, you must edit the configuration file, xflicstat.cfg, located in the License Statistics directory (by default, C:\Program Files\X-Formation\License Statistics).

For Windows, the configuration file opens automatically upon completion of the License Statistics installation.

Replace the existing information in the configuration file with your site-specific information as needed. When upgrading License Statistics, please use the content from the backup configuration file. The configuration file includes instructions that describe each setting in the file. Settings include details about the following:

After you have configured License Statistics, you are ready to start it as a service on Windows (see Starting and stopping License Statistics on Windows) or run it as a daemon on Linux (see Starting and stopping License Statistics on Linux). If License Statistics was already running when you made changes to the configuration file, you must restart License Statistics for any changes to the configuration file to take effect.

See the following sections for considerations when configuring License Statistics.

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