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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.6 or newer, which introduced the License Statistics Manager, a tool that replaces direct editing of the xflicstat.cfg configuration file for Windows installations. If you are using an earlier version of License Statistics, please refer to the documentation for releases prior to v6.6.

License Statistics can use either an external or embedded MySQL database. The following sections contain information relevant to MySQL database configuration, including:

You can find out more about MySQL at

Important: Direct SQL queries and manipulation of the database is unsupported. Manipulating the database can result in database corruption. Always make a backup of your database before manipulating it. 

Database configuration settings (Windows)

For Windows, you review and edit database configuration settings using the License Statistics Manager. See Using the License Statistics Manager for more information.


Database configuration settings (Linux)

For Linux, you view and edit database settings in the xflicstat.cfg file. Available settings in xflicstat.cfg include the following.

SettingRequiredDefault value set by installerDescription

To use the embedded MySQL server delivered with the application, set this value to EMBEDDED64.

To use an external MySQL server, specify the server name or IP address.

MySQL server port.

Name of License Statistics database.

If you use an embedded MySQL server, the database will be created automatically the first time you run License Statistics.

If you use an external MySQL server, the database must be created manually before running License Statistics.

MYSQL_USERNAMEYesrootUsername for the account created in the License Statistics database.
MYSQL_PASSWORDNoemptyPassword for the account created in the License Statistics database.