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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.6 or newer, which introduced the License Statistics Manager, a tool that replaces direct editing of the xflicstat.cfg configuration file for Windows installations. If you are using an earlier version of License Statistics, please refer to the documentation for releases prior to v6.6.

License configuration lets you customize the following.

  • License path
  • License limit settings (applicable only for floating licensing). The configuration file includes settings for the old licensing model, which was introduced in 2013, and the new licensing model, which was introduced with version 6.0 in 2019 and replaces the old licensing model.

License limit settings must match the licensing model.

If no license limit settings are specified, the maximum number of available licenses will be reserved by the instance.

License configuration settings (Windows)

For Windows, you review and edit license configuration settings using the License Statistics Manager. See Using the License Statistics Manager for detailed information.


License configuration settings (Linux)

For Linux, you view and edit license configuration settings in the xflicstat.cfg file. Available settings in xflicstat.cfg include the following.


When this setting is left commented out, the default search path is used. Otherwise, specify the path for the license file.