The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.17 or newer, which changed the License Statistics installation procedure for Linux. If you are running a previous version of License Statistics, see documentation for previous versions.

If your Linux distribution is other than Debian, Ubuntu, or RedHat Enterprise Linux (which have dedicated installers), or you need more control over the installation process, you can use the generic (universal) installer.

This installation method requires more manual configuration than the DEB and RPM installers, but allows for a high level of customization including:

  • Running the application with a custom user
  • Optionally running the application in non-service mode
  • Customizing locations for files in the filesystem
  • Running the application on more distributions than officially supported DEB and RPM


The following generic Linux installation procedure can be customized according to your needs.

All paths and commands used in the descriptions below are just examples of a customized installation procedure. This installation procedure requires advanced experience with customized installation, and all customizations are made at your own risk.

  1. Download the License Statistics installation from the License Statistics download page.
  2. Create user and group.

    addgroup --system licstat
    adduser --ingroup licstat --no-create-home --system --disabled-login --shell /bin/false licstat

  3. Create installation and data directories.

    Back up all configuration and data files, especially the configuration file, MySQL data, and the license file.

    Installation directory

    mkdir -p /opt/xflicstat

    Data directories
    For MySQL:

    mkdir -p /var/opt/xflicstat/mysql

    For license file:

    mkdir -p /var/opt/xflicstat/license

    For logs:

    mkdir -p /var/opt/xflicstat/log

    For temporary and runtime files:

     mkdir -p /var/opt/xflicstat/tmp

    Set ownership and group:

    chown licstat:licstat /opt/xflicstat \ 
    	/var/opt/xflicstat/mysql \ 
    	/var/opt/xflicstat/license \ 
    	/var/opt/xflicstat/log \ 
  4. Extract License Statistics:

    tar xzf license_statistics_v6.17.0_linux_x64.tar.gz -C /opt/xflicstat

    and set ownership:

    chown -R licstat:licstat /opt/xflicstat/
  5. Set the port in the License Statistics configuration file /opt/xflicstat/conf/xflicstat.cfg:

    	# if not run as root port must be greater than 1024
  6. Set options in the MySQL configuration file /opt/xflicstat/embedded/etc/mysql/mysql.conf:

    user = licstat 
    	# if installation is different then /opt/xflicstat:
    	# if mysql data dir is different then /var/opt/xflicstat/mysql:
  7. Bootstrap the database:

    LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/xflicstat/embedded/lib /opt/xflicstat/embedded/bin/mysqld \
    				--defaults-file=/opt/xflicstat/embedded/etc/mysql/mysql.conf \ 
  8. Copy the default file:

    cp /opt/xflicstat/scripts/default /etc/default/xflicstat

    and set in /etc/default/xflicstat:

  9. Install systemd unit:

    cp /opt/xflicstat/scripts/xflicstat.service /lib/systemd/system/xflicstat.service

    and edit:

    systemctl edit xflicstat.service

    and set:


    If installation directory is different than /opt/xflicstat, also set the new installation directory with:

    ExecStart=/opt/xflicstat/bin/xflicstat --run --logDir ${LOG_DIRECTORY} --licenseDir ${LICENSE_DIRECTORY} --tmpDir ${TMP_DIRECTORY}
  10. Reload systemd:

    systemctl --system daemon-reload

    and optionally enable License Statistics to start with system:

    systemctl enable xflicstat.service


Configure the installation using the configuration file:


For example:


Activating the license

License files must be placed in {license_directory}.

For example:


  1. Go to the directory:
  2. Run the lacutil tool:
    /opt/xflicstat/bin/lacutil -activate -act_key {activation_key}

You may also use an alternative activation method, as described in

Starting the service

  1. Start the service from a command line:

    systemctl start xflicstat.service
  2. Access License Statistics in the browser:


Stopping the service

Stop the service from a command line:

systemctl stop xflicstat.service

Removing the service

  1. Stop the service.
  2. Remove the directories with or without data directories, according to your needs.

Updating the service

  1. Download the License Statistics installation from the License Statistics download page.
  2. Stop the service (see Stopping, above).
  3. Backup the xflicstat.cfg file; for example: /opt/xflicstat/conf/xflicstat.cfg
  4. Clear the current installation directory; for example: /opt/xflicstat
  5. Install the new version by extracting new files:

    tar xzf license_statistics_v6.17.0_linux_x64.tar.gz -C /opt/xflicstat

    and setting ownership:

    chown -R licstat:licstat /opt/xflicstat/
  6. Optionally, restore the configuration file or reconfigure the default configuration file.
  7. Start the service (see Starting the service, above).