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License Statistics version 5.10 includes the enhancements and fixes detailed below. Most of these improvements were made in response to customer feedbackFor more information on how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development. For information about activating your License Statistics license, see Activating a License Statistics license on Windows or Activating a License Statistics license online.


License Statistics v5.10 includes the following enhancements.

Issue #Description

Replaced XLS export format with XLSX.

LICSTAT-12805Replaced string filters with list filters for relevant grid columns.

Removed deprecated endpoints from API related to:

Usage History API 

Feature API 


Added configurable decimal precision for statistics such as usage hours and percentages in applicable reports.


Introduced new grid in Administration page for Imported License Servers, which allows you to edit and remove imported license servers. In relation to supporting this new grid:

  • The Realtime License Servers tab in the Administration page was renamed to License Servers.
  • All License Server edit actions from the Dashboard and License Servers pages were moved to the License Servers tab in the Administration page.

Made improvements to date range forms, including ability to specify time intervals.

LICSTAT-12492Introduced new layout of XLSX output files to correct issues with column formatting.

Introduced ability to add the Usage History Comparison grid to the Dashboard.


Improved filenames for reports exported to different formats.


License Statistics v5.10 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-13006Fixed an issue with not escaped characters in string filters.
LICSTAT-13005Fixed an issue with parsing user string for FlexNet license server.
LICSTAT-12997Fixed an issue with checkout time set to 1970 for Reserved licenses on Current Usage report.
LICSTAT-12995Fixed an issue with missing Vendor name for Salesforce license manager type.
LICSTAT-12988Fixed an issue with lack of possibility to uncheck checkboxes on User Management page.
LICSTAT-12974Fixed an issue with improper location of loading mask while scrolling.
LICSTAT-12878Fixed an issue with saving the License Server verification output when status is Failure.
LICSTAT-12828Fixed an issue with disappearing Main menu elements on smaller screens.

Fixed an issue with communication between query tool and parsers.

LICSTAT-12809 Fixed an issue with old logs deleted from log/report folder on Windows.

Fixed an issue with failing query tool on redundant FlexNet servers.


Fixed an issue with error while creating report from imported HASP log.


Fixed an issue with failing import of lmadmin debug logs.


Fixed an issue with merged columns in XLS output.