The information on this page refers to License Statistics 6.1 and newer, which changed the name of the "Error Log" grid to "Event Log." If you are using a version previous to v6.1, see documentation for previous versions.

Invalid license file path

If there are problems with a license file path location, you may see the following error:

-96 Server machine is down or not responding.
See the system administrator about starting the server, or make sure that
you're referring to the right host (see LM_LICENSE_FILE environment

To resolve this issue, make sure that your license server is up and running. You should also check if your license file path is valid by setting the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable:

LM_LICENSE_FILE = port@host

Problems running lmutil v11.6 with FlexNet v10.8

If you have problems running License Statistics with lmutil v11.6, your FlexNet license server and lmutil versions may be incompatible. In such cases, when you run the lmdiag command as shown below, lmutil will stall, use 100% CPU, and fail to finish.

c:\licstat>lmutil.exe lmdiag -n -c @virtualcenter
lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2008 Acresso Software Inc. All Rights Reserved.
FlexNet diagnostics on Fri 12/26/2008 19:42
License file: 27000@virtualcenter

To resolve this issue, ensure your FlexNet license server and lmutil versions are compatible.

Note that there may be other cross-compatibility problems between other lmutil versions, but they have not been tested yet.

Problems running LMSTAT with FLEXlm v11.5

When using FLEXlm v11.5, you must run the command lmpath -add citrix licensefile_full_path every time you add a license file, or LMSTAT will fail. For example:

lmpath -add citrix C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\10 XenApp Platinum.lic

Limitations for importing FLEXlm/FlexNet log files using the trial version

You can test importing FLEXlm/FlexNet log files using the trial version of License Statistics; however, any data older than the trial start date in the imported log will not be included in the imported data and shown in License Statistics results. 

Problems using port 27000

If you are experiencing problems using port 27000 (which is the default port for your FLEXlm/FlexNet license server), you should check the communication between License Statistics and the license server, as specified under "Inability to query license server" in License server issues.

If there are communication problems, contact your application vendor for a solution. Otherwise, send us the License Statistics error messages for further investigation.

Failure to find licenses for FlexNet license server

FlexNet vendor names are case-sensitive by default, so you may see the following error if the case is not specified correctly when adding or editing the license server

[2012/05/10 08:00:00] ERROR: Unable to find any licenses served by the license server! 

Check that the vendor name for that license server is specified in the correct case. You can verify the correctness of the configuration by querying the status of the server manually: 

lmutil.exe lmstat -a -c hostname -S VendorName

Failure to gather data for FlexNet license server hosting multiple vendors   

If monitoring realtime data on a FlexNet license server fails with the error "This server hosts licenses from multiple vendors," the FlexNet server is not configured correctly in License Statistics.  

FlexNet license servers have hosted vendor daemons for each vendor. If all parameters provided to lmutil are correct, the output will include only the license usage for the specified vendor. If the output contains data for vendors other than the specified vendor, one or more lmutil arguments are incorrect. The most common incorrect argument is the port number. The same port cannot be provided for all vendors on one machine. The port used by the specific vendor daemon is configured in the license server's configuration or license. If the port is not set explicitly, the license server can select it automatically from free ports. 

To configure the FlexNet server correctly in License Statistics for multiple vendor daemons, specify each as a separate license server using a unique port value, as described in Adding and editing license servers.

Incomplete lmdiag output for FlexNet license server

If there is a problem with the output produced by the lmutil lmdiag command, the following message will appear in the Event Log grid every 12 hours.

"Output of the lmutil lmdiag command is incomplete, which can cause incorrect or incomplete data in License Statistics. Please ensure that your license server is able to correctly print out the lmdiag output."

This message indicates that some or all features included in lmstat output are not described in lmdiag, so License Statistics data may be inaccurate. If a specific feature in the lmstat output does not have any users described and lmdiag does not contain any information about this feature, License Statistics creates the feature as a floating type. In addition, a feature that is not described in lmdiag has no expiration date set.

This issue occurs mainly with the SW_D vendor daemon and may indicate that the vendor's configuration doesn't allow printing out required data. Furthermore, this problem may occur when using one license server machine running multiple vendor daemons.

This issue may be unresolvable if you are unable to change the license server configuration. 

Failure to start FLEXlm license server on Windows Vista 

When trying to install a FLEXlm v9.2 application (for example, ESRI ArcGis) on Windows Vista, FLEXlm may fail when starting the license server. This failure can occur regardless whether UAC is enabled or disabled. 

FLEXlm v9.2 was available long before Windows Vista, so it was not possible to test for all conditions that might occur on Windows Vista.

To fix this problem, update to a more recent version of FLEXlm through your application vendor. As an alternative workaround, you can run the license server as a background process using a batch script, such as the following:

@echo off
cmdow @ /hid
cd "c:\program files\esri\license\arcgis9x"
lmgrd -z -c license.lic

Unidentifiable usernames in lmutil output 

License Statistics identifies and displays usernames using data provided by the license server using a query tool (normally lmutil). If the license server does not provide valid usernames, License Statistics cannot use the data to display the username in the log or the user interface.

For example, if the lmutil output for CITRIX does not contain valid usernames for specific checkouts, it will use the syntax "string1 (string2)", where string1 is the value of the string stored in place of an actual username and string2 is an additional string to help distinguish users. This data is not recognizable by License Statistics.

Duplicate output error

If your license server output contains duplicate data, you will see the following error:

Log contains doubled output from lmutil!

This problem can also occur when the the port has not been specified.

To resolve this issue, you must correctly specify the server port number. If specifying the server port number does not resolve your problem, you should contact your software vendor for a solution.