The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.8 and newer, which introduced ID and Description fields in grids. If you are using a version previous to v6.8, see documentation for previous versions.

You can add imported license servers and edit information for existing imported license servers using the License Servers page, found under the Administration section. (This page is visible only for License Statistics administrator users.) Note: This page also lets you add and edit realtime license servers, as described in Adding and editing license servers.

You may also import license servers by copying the file to the proper directory in License Statistics, as described in Supported license servers.

Imported License Servers grid

The Imported License Servers grid in the License Servers page includes information for all currently configured imported license servers, including:

Column NameDescription
License ServerThe display name for the license server.
License Server IDThe ID of the license server. 
License Server DescriptionThe optional user-defined description for the license server. 
HostnameThe hostname of the license server.
License ManagerThe license manager type.
Last Import TimeThe last time the license server data was imported.

Some columns are hidden by default. To control the visibility of columns, see instructions for filtering grid content. 

Adding or editing an imported license server

To add or edit an imported license server:

  1. To edit the settings for an imported license server, click the Edit icon in the Imported License Servers grid row for the license server you want to change. An Edit License Server dialog opens to allow you to change the existing settings for that license server.


    To add a new license server, click Add at the bottom of the Imported License Servers grid. An Import License Server dialog opens.

  2. Click Select file... to browse for and import the new license server.

  3. After selecting the license server file, click Import. You can click Close at any time if you do not wish to import the file.

  4. Edit the license server settings if needed, as described below.

Imported license server settings

The editable Imported License Server settings are described below.

General settings
Name The name for the license server that will be displayed in License Statistics. This can be any descriptive, unique name that helps you identify the license server in License Statistics pages.
DescriptionAn optional description for the license server.
Vendor settings
Vendor Display Name
An optional name that will be displayed for the imported license server on reports.