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The SOAP API is continuously undergoing updates and improvements, and is available for use in both a Stable version and a Development version.

Stable version

The Stable version of the SOAP API is fully functional and is not undergoing changes. Its functionality will be maintained in future versions. 

Development version

Each Development release cycle is 6 months, during which time the Development version of the SOAP API is available for use but is undergoing changes and may not be stable. You can use the Development version in the same manner as the Stable version, except that the URL is different (as shown below) and you must modify your application as needed to accommodate our changes to the API. After the 6-month cycle, the Development version becomes the new Stable version, and the next version is created as the new Development version. 

Currently, SOAP API v2 is the Stable version. SOAP API v3 will soon be available to use as the Development version.

Vendor SOAP API access

The Vendor SOAP API can be accessed using HTTPS. The URL for the Stable version of the Vendor SOAP API is:

End-user SOAP API access

The end-user SOAP API can be accessed using either HTTP or HTTPS; therefore, licenses can be activated using either unencrypted or SSL transport. The URL for the Stable version of the end-user SOAP API is: 



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