The LAC SOAP API is web-based and can be used across many programming languages. There are many ways you can use the SOAP API. For example, you can automate license creation and enable activation from within your software, providing the highest level of ease of use for your customers. You can also use the API to automatically synchronize records with other administrative systems, such as sales, support and CRM systems.

Usually, you use your favorite programming language together with the SOAP API, and auto-generate code for handling requests and responses using the LAC wsdl file. You can see one method of doing this in Examples of .NET API.

The SOAP APIs are separated into the Vendor API and the End-user API:

  • The Vendor API is used for the administration of licenses, including managing products, customers, license templates, etc.
  • The End-user API is used to activate licenses using an activation key (which LAC automatically creates for each license order) and, if relevant, HostID parameters.

See SOAP API versions and access for information about the available versions and how to access them. 

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