In LAC, a product is an application that is sold as a specific version. For example, if you have an application that has been released as version 1.0 and an updated version that is released as version 2.0, each version would be a separate product.

Products that have been added to LAC are listed in the Products table on the Products page. This table contains information about each product that current exists in LAC, and lets you edit, duplicate, or delete the listed products. You can save the information from the Products table and other tables in LAC as described in Exporting data from LAC.

Adding a new product

To add a new product to LAC, go to the Products page, and click Create Product.

A Create New Product dialog opens, where you can define all of the details for your product, including:

  • General information, including product name and version, and the license manager and license generator that will be used to create licenses
  • The product features 
  • One or more templates that will predefine settings when creating licenses for the product

Note that products for which a license generator has not yet been specified will show Not Specified in orange under the License Generator Name column in the Products grid. This helps to alert you that you must edit the product and select a license generator before you can generate licenses for that product. See Adding and managing license generators for information about adding license generators to LAC.

Duplicating an existing product

You can duplicate an existing product using the Duplicate iconclone.pngfrom the Products grid. A new product will be created based on the product you copied, including: 

  • Product configuration 
  • Features
  • Product templates

The duplication process will not copy licenses or license orders.

The copied product will have the name of the original product, appended with "-copy" (features and templates retain their original names). You can change the product's name and settings and add new license orders in the same way as when adding a new product.

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