To activate your license using email, send your activation key and HostID (which may be optional, depending on your software vendor's requirements) in the body of an email sent to Use the following format to specify your activation key and one or more HostIDs:

ACTIVATION_KEY: activation_key
HOSTID: TYPE=value, TYPE=value, ...

For example:


(See Activating your license online for more details about entering multiple HostIDs.)

For your convenience, you can use the following link to automatically generate an email, in which you can replace the example activation key and HostID with your own:

License activation email example

After you send your email to, you will receive a reply email within a short time. Provided the information you sent in your email is valid, the reply email will include the license as an attachment. If there were any problems with the information you sent in your email, the reply email will inform you of those problems so you can correct them and try again.

You can also use email activation as a way to activate a license using a mobile device. For example, if you have access to the internet on your mobile phone, you can use your phone to send an email to as described above.

The video below shows an example of activating a license using a mobile device:

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