To activate and download a license online:

  1. Open a web browser. LAC runs on most popular browsers, including Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

  2. Go to and enter your license activation key, provided by your software vendor, in the Activate License section of the login page, then click Log in. (Note that your vendor may supply the activation key as part of your login link to LAC (e.g.,, in which case you do not need to enter your activation key and will be automatically logged into LAC.)

    A page opens that shows your license information (product name and version, creation/activation date, etc.).

  3. Your vendor may require one or more HostIDs for the machine where the license is being installed, in which case you must provide your HostID information as follows. (If you do not see the following fields, your vendor does not require HostID information and you can skip this step.)

    Note: The maximum length of a HostID value is 255 characters.

    1. The HostID Type field lists the type and the minimum and maximum number of each HostID required to activate the license. For example, if you must enter at least 1 Bios HostID and a maximum of 3 Bios HostIDs, this will be displayed as "Bios (1-3)". If entry of a particular HostID type is optional, the minimum value is 0 (zero).
    2. The Min HostIDs field shows the minimum number of HostIDs you must enter in total to activate the license.
      For example, if the HostID Type field lists "Bios (0-1), Ethernet (0-1), IP Address (1), Dongle HASP HL (1)" and the Min HostIDs field indicates that 3 HostIDs are required, you must enter 1 IP Address, 1 Dongle HASP HL, and either 1 Bios or 1 Ethernet HostID to supply a total of 3 HostIDs.
    3. Enter the required HostID information in the HostID Value field. The format to enter your HostID information is TYPE1=value1, TYPE2=value2, TYPE3=value3. For example, Username=PeggySue, Hostname=HostA. When entering an Ethernet HostID, the format must be 12 hexadecimal characters with or without separators, and without any blank spaces between the items; for example, 48-2C-6A-1E-59-3D, 48:2C:6A:1E:59:3D or 482C6A1E593D. LM-X 16-character encrypted Ethernet HostIDs are no longer supported.

  4. After entering the required HostID information, activate the license by clicking the Activate button.

  5. Download the activated license by clicking the Download button.

After activating and downloading the license, you can re-download the license at any time. On subsequent downloads, the HostID information you entered in step 3 will be filled in, and you need only click the Download button to obtain the license.

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