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License checkouts normally take around 1 second, depending on the machine. For applications where license checkout speed is of high importance and/or when checking out a large number of features, you may wish to do one or more of the following.

  • For network licenses, you can disable Borrow and  Grace features.
  • For node-locked licenses, you can disable SystemClockCheck.
  • For both node-locked and network licenses, you can disable unused HostIDs using the options LMX_OPT_HOSTID_DISABLED and LMX_OPT_HOSTID_ENABLED, described in LMX_SetOption. To determine the results disabling each HostID type has on checkout speed, you can run a benchmark test, as shown in the example "examples/checkout_benchmark" in the SDK.

Making one or more of these changes will help to decrease checkout time. However, be aware that disabling system clock check reduces security and disabling borrow and grace features reduces flexibility for end users.

If checkouts are slow for unknown reasons, you can enable extended logging to help determine the cause for the poor performance.